Kevin Scallon has lost two stone since completing ABL Health’s Enable programme last year

13 September 2017

Kevin Scallon has lost two stone since completing ABL Health’s Enable programme last year.

This is his story …

“I was struggling with my blood pressure and fitness so had started to make changes to my lifestyle but it didn’t seem to be making any difference. I had a lightbulb moment and thought ‘I need to take this seriously now’. I joined the council’s Couch to 5k running group in September which was great – I started off walking and running for a couple of minutes and built up to doing 5k in nine weeks – and then I started ABL Health’s programme.

“My lifestyle coach James has been absolutely brilliant – he is a real guru! He’s knowledgeable and encouraging and the ideal person for me to work with, and it is great to tap into that expertise that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you. It’s also good being in a group and helping each other keep our motivation; it’s important to have that mutual support and to be comfortable with other people especially when you’re doing exercise as it can be a bit sensitive.

“As a result of going on the programme, I joined a gym and do about four or five sessions every week. I’ve now got a much stronger mindset about how I should approach my eating and make good quality choices about food, and how to build in exercise as part of my lifestyle – not just going to the gym but things I can do at home at a relatively low level to supplement my daily activity and routine.

“I’m the fittest now that I have ever been and am motivated to keep going. I also feel really healthy – I’ve watched people drop like flies with chest infections, coughs and colds this winter and I haven’t even had a sniffle!

Kevin Scallon

“It’s very difficult to go down the route of changing your lifestyle without having this kind of support. What’s ideal about this programme is it gives you the tools to enable you to make a real difference to your life.”