Case Study - Kate Lace

19 September 2017

My name is Kate Lace and I joined the EnABLe group last July following a referral by my GP. Due to illness and medication I had gradually gained weight and was the heaviest I had ever been – (weighing nearly as much as when I was 9 months pregnant!)

I was fed up of being overweight and had made enough excuses so I was ready to change my eating habits. I went to my first session and was determined to give it my best shot. My tutors were very helpful and explained what the programme would deliver over the 12 weeks. A session on healthy eating followed by some exercise.

I felt positive after the first session and had also met other people who were in a similar situation with their weight. During the first week I gradually altered my diet and started to shop for healthy alternatives to my usual chocolate bars and crisps.

I returned the next week and was relieved to find I had lost some weight! I just kept going - there were days when I did struggle but I tried to look at it as a long term change and just started again the next day. Without the support of the lifestyle coaches I would probably have just slipped back into my old habits but knowing that I had to go each week and get weighed spurred me on.

I started to feel much better after about four weeks and noticed I had a lot more energy - because I was eating the right things. Once I felt I was going the right way it was much easier to keep going.

Once I started to get back into smaller sized clothes I felt much better and just kept eating healthily. For me this was a big motivator and made me keep going.

I have just been back for my six month review and I have maintained my weight but more importantly to me I am wearing clothes that are three sizes smaller than when I joined! I know that I would not have done it on my own and needed the support of a group programme.

I have been to other slimming clubs before but I realise I was only reducing my calorie intake rather than eating the right foods. I did lose weight but felt constantly tired and then fed up and just put it all back on.

The Enable programme has re-educated my eating habits and kept me going!