Case Study - Anne-Maria's story

19 September 2017

After working as a fitness and Pilates instructor - I had gained weight after the death of my closest friend – I have, as many other people have, faced a range of challenges in my life and managed somehow to carry on some-how,  however the death of my friend caused me to come to a full stop.  I was under the care of the mental health teams and during this time, due to the medication and symptoms of the anxiety I was experiencing I gained 7 stones in weight from a fit 10 stone to above 17 stone  – I contacted the GP referral scheme and attended a 12 wk programme approx 2014 on which I lost 3 stone – I however I gradually regained the weight and so after some time, I tried again – The service provider had changed to ABL Health in 2016 encompassing an extra focus on activity, personal healthy choices  and a longer term of support – contact with the team, although still available - gradually decreases  to promote personal independence in making positive healthy choices, The programme is easy to understand , delivered by friendly approachable people and backed up with factual information – no gimmicks or quick fixes – each week has a different topic – common sense approach giving information in an easy to understand way. 

Whilst on this program I feel and felt from the start that I am not denying myself things I want – Instead I am giving my body what it needs – a variety of foods – which will nourish me – and I can still have anything I want just take responsibility for having things that I know have a lot of energy as that is not good for me – I never felt like I was on a ‘diet’. The program treats me as an individual adult – I am no longer denying and rewarding myself with food . When I have something to eat – I try and make sure it’s something that I really want – take my time, if I can to plan what I’m eating and enjoy it – being ‘mindful’ of the flavours of even simple foods has helped me change my ‘relationship’ with how I have seen food in the past few years. Starting to exercise together helped me to get started again doing some physical activity.

Losing the weight I have has lessened considerably the swelling of my knee and ankle joints , although they swell up post activity continuing to take part in activity is strengthening my muscles and taking pressure of my joints. I am pleased I have achieved something in that I have lost several stone. I feel that I can continue to increase my activity gradually and have now started to cycle outside. I would tell people to try the program, as it is geared up to help and support them – it takes the myth and ‘big sell’ out of weight gain and weight loss ,it can also help prevent some serious illnesses that can develop that are associated with unhealthy eating and lifestyle.The people who you will have contact with are friendly and approachable  you will not be judged , you will be valued as individuals and given the best up to date advice that is supported by health professionals and delivered by fitness lifestyle coach professionals.

Go for it – you have only good things to gain from taking part.       Anne-Maria